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TLDR: we're a Budapest-based sustainable fashion brand which offers an interactive shopping experience.

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at OURABURA, we work everyday for a more sustainable, more scalable, and most importantly, a more personal approach towards fashion. 

OURABURA was founded by our designer, Vera Burany in 2021 and it’s based in Budapest, Hungary.

our products are one-of-a-kind, custom made for you by our lovely team of young talents in our studio.

our reloved collection consists of 'fusion' upcyling designs: deadstock fabrics combined with upcycled secondhand clothes. these products are available as one-of-a-kind, readymade pieces, OR as custom orders. this allows you to give your own clothes a second life. 

our preloved collection offers individually hand dyed or hand stamped styles made of deadstock fabrics. In this collection you can also shop carefully curated and renewed, hand dyed secondhand garments.


the styles in the reloved collection are available for custom orders so get involved and give your treasured clothes a second life! we are also open for special requests, just send us and email with your idea.


with us, you are part of the process. you will receive a new piece of clothing which has a special meaning - only to you. 


all styles are made from upcycled preloved clothes and/or our selection of organic and deadstock materials. we reuse cutting waste in our products, recycle even the smallest bits and we produce each piece locally in our studio in Budapest.


at OURABURA, we believe that our clothes are an important part of our identity and represent key moments of our life - moments which we can relive by wearing our clothes time and time again.

with nowadays throwaway culture, we often forget the important role our belongings play in our life. these lifechanging - or simply emotionally charged memories can keep us from throwing away our beloved, favourite pieces of clothing, even long after their usability and functionality had decayed.

they just sit in our wardrobe, hopefully waiting to be rediscovered - which, usually never happens. they just wait and wait until we are finally ready to let go.

at OURABURA, our custom options provide another alternative: once you’re ready to give your beloved clothes a new chapter in their lifespan, we can build them into a personalized new piece of clothing, carefully made just for you!

this way your treasures can continue to be a part of your everyday life and they can become a part of a piece of clothing which you continue to wear for many years to come. 

we believe in second chances and interactive solutions: with us, you can be part of the process, and you can experience shopping from a new perspective.

in order to receive a custom, new piece of clothing, you must say goodbye to one which you already own. however, this is just a temporary goodbye and a permanent hello: you will see it again in a new form. 

however, if you're not ready to let go just yet: you can always choose from our readymade, one-of-a-kind pieces.




for custom orders, we operate with a no returns policy. however, if you experience issues with the fit of your order, we provide a one-time alteration (length, width) free of charge. our readymade pieces are available in multiple sizes, please always check the size chart before purchase.


we all need a little bit of extra attention sometimes. if your OURABURA piece feels the same and produces symptoms such as loose stitching or broken fabric, we've got you covered with our free repair services.


if you have a special idea for a unique keepsake garment, let us know: we love to work on special, custom designs!

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