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how to upcycle your unworn clothes with low effort into something really cool? order a custom design, send us your clothes and we will build it into your order. with our custom orders, sustainable fashion becomes personal and interactive.

custom orders

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it's like a reward

at OURABURA, we appreciate you taking the extra time to upcycle something you already own, instead of buying something new!

your extra efforts are rewarded with 30% OFF - and of course, a custom, unique piece made with love just for you!


1) select

browse our custom collection and select your favourite style

2) sizing

check our size chart and select the size which suits you the most

3) color

choose from the color options of the main fabric

4) the fun part

each style has one or multiple customizable details. this is where your OWN piece of clothing will be built into.

check the description where you will see what type of clothing can be built into the specific style.

for example, for some styles, we can only accept knitwear, for others we can only accept woven items. 

5) consider

before placing an order, double check the sizing and think about how this style will function within your wardrobe: will you be able to match it with your regular outfits? is it something you will be able to wear more than once? 

please always stay conscius when shopping and ask yourself: would Greta be proud of this choice?

6) the journey - from you to us

first we need to receive an original piece of clothing from your wardrobe to work with.

you can drop it off in our studio in our opening hours or send it to us via post.

7) order

once you place your order, you will receive a confirmation via e-mail, which will include guidance to lead you through the process.

8) the magic

you will get a notification once your clothes reach our studio. we will complete your order within 7 days of receiving your piece(s) of clothing. once your order is ready, you will receive a notification via e-mail. you can receive your order based on your selected shipping method: in our studio or in your home.

since your OURABURA piece is made specifically just for you, we operate with a no returns policy on custom orders; however, if you have fit issues with your custom garment, we will tailor it for you one time for free of charge.

9) aftercare

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